A forum looking into late General Vo Nguyen Giap and the Dien Bien Phu victory (1954-2014) has been held at the Museum of Living History in Montreuil city, France.

The April 5 event was chaired by historian Alain Ruscio, L’Humanite newspaper reporter in Vietnam from 1978-1980, and former French Ambassador to Vietnam Claude Blanchemaison.

At the forum, Ruscio analysed the historical background of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign and highlighted the role of General Giap in the triumph, which marked a turning point in the struggle for independence and decolonisation around the globe in the 20th century.

He said despite its predominance in troop strength and weaponry, the French army was still defeated since it undervalued the Vietnamese people who were determined to safeguard their country’s independence and freedom.

Recalling his meetings with General Giap, Blanchemaison described him as a plain man who loved French literary works and the values of the French Revolution in 1789.

At the function, participants also underlined the role of other Vietnamese officials such as Le Duc Tho and Nguyen Thi Binh who made great contributions to the signing of the 1973 Paris Accords, ending the US war and restoring peace in Vietnam.

They also talked about the post-war development of the country and the growing partnership between Vietnam and France.-VNA