A programme honouring UNESCO recognised Chau Van ritual singing of the Red river delta region has been held in Hanoi. The performance aims to praise the endless contribution of artists to the development and preservation of Vietnam traditional art form.

The programme was joined by many artists and actors, to give praise to the traditional art form, which was recognised by UNESCO as an intangilbe culutral heritage of humanity.

The organizing committee has created a spiritual, mysterious atmosphere where the spiritual art of Chau Van hones the Tứ Phủ (Four Palaces) worship ceremony. The ceremony honours the mediums and other folk singing artists. They are putting efforts in preserving the unique arts of Vietnam.

Artisan Hoang Tien Hung said: "We are striving to protect, preserve and improve the knowledge of our ancestors, the most quintessential value to better the Mother Goddess worship ceremony."

Chau Van was created during the Tran dynasty (1225-1400) and Nam Dinh province is considered its birthplace.

The highly rhymic and trance-oriented  form of singing often takes place during rituals to honour the Mother goddesses and connect to other gods. It is performed mostly at temples and pagodas.-VNA