The Philippines has handed over to Vietnam seven fishing vessels seized on May 30, 2011 on the sea about 2km from Palawan, according to the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines.

Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tu signed documents to receive the seven ships on Oct. 24, the source said.

Earlier, seven fishing vessels of Vietnam with 122 fishermen on board went to the Philippines ’ sea to fish under an economic contract between the Long Hai Long Company of Vietnam and the Philippines ’ Premiere International Interfishing Company. The fishing vessels and crews were arrested in the Philippines ’ territorial waters, when they had yet to complete necessary legal procedures.

As many as 88 fishermen returned to Vietnam after the court of Palawan province ended its hearing on August 26.

The 34 remaining fishermen, who are in Palawan , will return to the country with the seven fishing vessels in coming days./.