Repairing schools and classrooms in poor districts, constructing and repairing houses for families in flood-hit areas or just simply presenting gifts to poor students in Dak Lak province ... They are just  some of the activities orchestrated by the "Loving Arms" charity group.

The special thing about “Loving Arms” lies in the leader - Nguyen Duy Hoc. Despite a birth defect due to the consequence of Agent Orange which limits his mobility, Hoc decided to overcome his difficulties. Hoc started voluntary work when he returned to his homeland to help disadvantaged people.

7 years since the establishment of “Loving arms”, the group has grown to 40 members, helping thousands of poor students and people in difficult circumstances in DakLak.

The journey of igniting the kindness in Hoc once again shows that the volunteers can come from any background, because all you need is love./.