The Prime Minister has set tasks for the Central Committee for the National New Style Rural Area Building Programme to achieve 20 percent of the total communes nationwide (or 1,800) recognised as modern rural areas in 2015.

Key tasks include developing infrastructure facilities serving the essential demands of local residents; promoting production in close collaboration with restructuring the economy to raise incomes for rural labourers; enhancing rural living conditions, social order and security; and strengthening capacity for supervising programme implementation.

The Committee has been urged to identify specific objectives for 2016-2020, ensure their relevancy to local conditions, and allocate appropriate resources to achieve them.

Additionally, the Committee will focus on restructuring agriculture, improving the rural environment, and strengthening education and health care services, among others.

In 2014, as many as 785 communes nationwide, or 8.8 percent, fulfilled all 19 criteria of the programme; 1,285 communes reached between 15 and 18 of the criteria. The nation’s communes have satisfied an average of 10 criteria, double the 2010 average.

Building infrastructure, improving production capacity, constructing public works, protecting landscapes and the environment, and promoting local traditions and cultural identities are among the criteria of new-style rural areas under the programme initiated by the Government in 2010.-VNA