PM Chinh said Vietnam is cracking down on the violations of a few unscrupulous investors in the country’s stock markets to ensure its security, transparency, and sustainable development.

He asked the stock exchange to cooperate and share experience in developing an effective, sustainable stock market in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Government leader had a roundtable with CEOs from world-leading firms and investment funds listed on the NYSE.

The PM also informed the company executives of the implementation of the recovery package worth 4 percent of the national GDP, with focus priorities being the reopening of the economy in association with raising healthcare capacity and pandemic response, ensuring social welfare and creating jobs, support for businesses, investing into infrastructures, and improving institutions and business environment.

During the visit, Prime Minister Chinh wrote in the guest book, expressing his pleasure to visit the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of market capitalization. He rang the bell to end the trading session of May 16./.