President Truong Tan Sang has called on the court administrators to put an end to wrong verdicts.

Sang attended a meeting in Hanoi on January 22 to review the court sector’s performance.

Reports showed the court sector handled over 330,000 cases, making up 92 percent of last year’s total number, despite hardships, including the shortage of cadres and facilities. Of that figure, many were high-profile ones.

The State leader praised the sector’s efforts but noted that the number of court decisions which had to be cancelled has not been reduced considerably and the process remained slow in some cases, especially those related to economic wrongdoing and corruption.

Other shortcomings included the poor quality of cadre training and the sluggish progress in judicial administration reform.

Sang, who acts as Head of the Central Judicial Reform Steering Board, also asked the courts to strictly obey regulations on legal procedures and enhance the capacity of judges.

He said the courts should improve the quality of proceedings at trials as it is crucial to make clear the facts and circumstances in every case in order to have persuasive verdicts.

Sang urged the court sector to work out legal precedents to improve the quality of trials.-VNA