President calls for upholding strong will in national development hinh anh 1A corner of Ho Chi Minh City (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA)President Tran Dai Quang has written an article entitled “Upholding the power of national reunification will and aspiration for peace in the cause of national reform, construction and defence” on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of southern liberation and national reunification (April 30).

He expressed pride in looking back on the prolonging and glorious revolutionary struggle under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, saying that the Vietnamese people heroically rose up to defeat invading French colonialists and US imperialists, bringing the country to an era of independence, freedom and national reunification on the way toward socialism.

Forty-three years passed by but the great victory of the anti-American resistance war forever stays in the national history as the brightest chapter. The strong will for national reunification and aspiration for peace are always an invaluable asset that empowers the entire Party, people and armed forces in the cause of national reform, construction and defence, he wrote.

The President said each development and growth step of Vietnamese revolution is attached to the active and noble revolutionary life and career of the great President Ho Chi Minh. He was an exemplary model of unyielding revolutionary will, independent and self-resilient spirit, noble humanitarianism and compassion for comrades and people, the virtue of industriousness, thrift, integrity, righteousness, selflessness, modest and simple lifestyle. His thought, morality and lifestyle forever light the way for the glorious revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese Party and people.

He went on to say that over the past three decades of renewal, the country has scored a number of great achievements, including escaping the underdeveloped status to become a developing nation with middle income, and stepping up industrialisation, modernisation and global integration. The socialism-oriented economy has been gradually shaped and growing. The socio-political situation is stable while national defence-security has been strengthened. Progresses have also been seen in socio-culture with improving material and spiritual lives.

Socialist democracy has been upheld and expanded while the great national unity has been reinforced. The building of the Party, law-governed socialist State and political system has been stepped up. The country’s collective power has been enhanced; and independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and socialism have been maintained. External relations have been expanded and deepened, thus improving Vietnam’s position and prestige on the international arena.

Last year, the country reaped outstanding and comprehensive achievements, especially in socio-economy, national defence-security, external relations and Party building. For the first time, the country fully completed and surpassed all the 13 socio-economic targets assigned by the legislature.

Encouraging results were recorded in economic development in tandem with dealing with social issues, especially poverty reduction and public health care.

The building of the Party and a transparent and strong political system, and the fight against corruption and wastefulness have contributed to strengthening public trust, which has been hailed by international friends, thus laying an important foundation for the country’s reform and sustainable development.

He affirmed that the path to socialism suits Vietnam’s realities and development trend.

In celebration of the 43rd anniversary of southern liberation and national reunification, International May Day, towards the 128th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh and the 70th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal for patriotic emulation, the State leader called on each Vietnamese person to fully uphold the tradition of patriotism, determination to fight and win, continue with renovation and creativity to strive in working, manufacturing and study to score greater successes in the cause of building a strong Vietnam with wealthy people and democratic, fair and civilised society, firmly moving towards socialism.-VNA