President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings valuable to Laos’s front work hinh anh 1LFNC President Saysomphone Phomvihane (L) grants interview to Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Laos (Source: VNA)
Vientiane (VNA) – The teachings of late President Ho Chi Minh for the Lao Front Central Committee in the 1950s remain valuable today, said Politburo member and President of the Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) Saysomphone Phomvihane.

He made the statement during an interview with Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Laos on the role of the late President in Laos’ front work and on how the fronts of the two countries’ can foster relations on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of bilateral ties (September 5, 1962-2017).

According to him, from the late 1940s, President Ho Chi Minh advised his Lao counterpart, Kaysone Phomvihane, to pay attention to front work.

The President also advised Lao leaders to rely on the Lao people to fight imperialists.

Thanks to his advice, the Free Lao Front (Neo Lao Issara) was founded in 1950. It was renamed the Lao Patriotic Front (Neo Lao Hak Sat) in 1956 and the Lao Front for National Construction (Neo Lao Sang Sat) in 1979.

[President: Vietnam, Laos strive to develop relations practically]

Regarding the tasks of the two countries’ fronts, Saysomphone Phomvihane stressed the need for the LFNC and the Vietnam Fatherland Front to agree on cooperation measures, especially from now to 2020 as mentioned in an agreement signed by the two fronts during his visit to Hanoi in August 2016.

It is also essential for the agencies to continue educating the two peoples about the traditional friendship between Vietnam and Laos.

No hostile forces can undermine the relationship if the two countries join hands to safeguard and develop it, he added.

He also emphasised the importance of supporting each other in socio-economic development and at regional and international forums. -VNA