The role and position of businesses and entrepreneurs was highly underlined in important documents and resolutions of the Party and increasingly recognised by society, President Truong Tan Sang said at a get-together to mark Vietnamese entrepreneurs’ day in Hanoi on October 13.

Over the past years, the community of entrepreneurs has developed strongly, making significant contributions to realising national socio-economic development plans and strategies, ensuring national defence and security, and expanding foreign relations, the President said.

They have also lent a helping hand with the generation of jobs, the addressing of social welfare issues and the fight against poverty, thus strengthening the great national unity bloc, he elaborated.

The President praised many of the businesses for maintaining and expanding their production efficiently despite dealing with numerous difficulties and challenges sparked by the economic downturn.

As regional and global integration becomes more intensive, local businesses should be proactive and creative to grasp opportunities when they come, renovate technology, reform governance models, and improve the quality of human resources, he noted.

He affirmed the Party and State’s continued creation of conditions for businesses to stabilise production and surmount difficulties.

At the event, businesses proposed that the government reduce land and corporate taxes, settle bad debts, remove inventories, and proceed with salary and administrative reforms in order to help them gain growth.

In the past nine months of this year, about 40,000 businesses had filed for bankruptcy or suspended operations. Many others have been operating in difficulties./.VNA