Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung received Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun, who headed a Chinese governmental delegation on border negotiation, in Hanoi on April 19.

PM Dung spoke highly of the results of the talks on border and territory issues between the two countries, describing them as an important step to promote friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

He affirmed that Vietnam was pleased to see that bilateral cooperation has been more effective, particularly in politics, diplomacy, culture and education and training.

In 2010, the two countries coordinated to successfully organise Vietnam-China Friendship Year and the 60 th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic ties, leaving good impressions with the two peoples.

Two-way trade between Vietnam and China saw unceasing growth, benefiting both sides, he said, urging both countries to implement the signed one-belt and two-economic-corridor programme, along with an early end of negotiations to sign a five-year cooperation plan.

Regarding the border and territory issues, the PM approved of agreements reached during the talks between the two sides, and urged the two countries to effectively carry out the contents.

On land border issues, both sides needed a common voice and joint efforts for the early signing of an agreement to facilitate free travel of ships at the mouth of Bac Luan river and deal with cooperation and exploitation of tourism potential in the Ban Gioc waterfall area.

Regarding the East Sea , basing on the spirit of both comradeship and brotherhood, PM Dung proposed the two sides talk and seek fundamental and long-lasting solutions that both sides are able to accept, contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.

Agreeing with the PM’s viewpoint on the East Sea , Deputy FM Zhang said that the issue needs to be solved on the basis of the comradeship and diplomatic ties between the two countries, preventing the separation of the traditional friendship and cooperation between the two peoples and nations.

He informed PM Dung of the outcomes of his talks with Deputy Foreign Minister Ho Xuan Son, stressing important steps on land and sea border issues between Vietnam and China .

China always attaches importance to its relations with Vietnam and wishes the two sides would continue to boost cooperation in diplomatic, cultural, economic and political areas, Deputy FM Zhang affirmed.

He said both sides have seriously implemented common awareness on border issues, travel on the sea and keeping stability on the East Sea./.