QR Code authentication system helps prevent counterfeit goods hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - Genuine product authentication through QR Code has been put into operation at https://truyxuat.gov.vn by the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Vietnam E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency to support and encourage people and businesses to use digital solutions to prevent counterfeit goods in e-commerce transactions.

Do Dinh Tan from the agency’s informatics and digital technology centre said the application allows consumers to retrieve information about the origin of products  when they purchase goods, offering transparent information and preventing the sale of counterfeit and low-quality goods.

QR Code authentication system helps prevent counterfeit goods hinh anh 2QR Code authentication system helps prevent counterfeit goods.

The system will help end the fear of counterfeit and imitation goods using technology, he said, adding that it also creates a foundation for applying more digital technologies in e-commerce transactions.

Through the system, businesses and consumers can easily connect regarding warranty process information and promotions.

This will create trust among customers and protect the reputations of products and businesses, helping them conquer foreign markets which usually have strict authentication requirements via QR Code.

The system is also a useful tool for state management agencies to manage and control the commodities market, Tan said./.