Restructuring State-owned enterprises (SOEs), credit institutions, securities market, and the farming sector is part of socio-economic development measures for 2015, as stipulated in Resolution 01/NQ-CP recently issued by the Government.

Ministries, agencies and localities are requested to keep carrying out an overall plan on economic restructuring and submit their own well thought out restructuring schemes to authorities concerned no later than the end of the second quarter.

SOEs will focus on equitising and withdrawing capital from non-core businesses, while working on additional plans for the post-2015.

In the meantime, credit institutions are tasked with improving their governance, risk management, auditing and technology capabilities while keeping up to international practices, towards embracing Basel II capital standards step-by-step.

The restructuring of the securities market will continue in line with a government’s blueprint set previously, making it easier to lure investment in and outside the country and deal with bad debts.

The farming sector’s rearrangement covers across cultivation, animal husbandry, aquaculture, forestry, processing, and services. The new rural area construction programme is required to be stepped up towards set goals. Investors are encouraged to involve in agriculture and rural development.

Industries having a high level of technology, added value, and localisation rate will be boosted, especially the support industry, renewable energy, electronics, engineering, information and bio-technology, oil and gas exploration and processing, and environment, among others.-VNA