After nearly ten years, a programme to develop rubber trees in the northwestern region has proved a success. Rubber trees not only help fill bare hills but also boost local socio-economic development.

Since 2011, along with many locals, Cà Thị Nga in Dien Bien province has started switching to rubber trees which have now provided her with a more stable income.

The programme to develop rubber trees gained support from other northwestern localities, apart from Dien Bien.

Northwestern localities have favourable natural conditions for developing rubber trees. The region now has over 30,000 ha under rubber trees. The figure includes 6,200 ha in Son La province alone.

In parallel with advantages, developing rubber trees in the northwestern region faces difficulties due to poor infrastructure and loose connection between growers and processors. To deal with this, local authorities have introduced policies to support enterprises and farmers.

Rubber trees have helped balance the ecological environment in the region alongside generating more jobs for local people. Despite current challenges, locals in the northwestern region pin high hope on the success of the development project.-VNA