Russian newspaper suggests applying Vietnam’s example in COVID-19 fight hinh anh 1Health workers of a hospital in Ninh Binh province present flowers to recovered COVID-19 patients (Source: VNA)

Moscow (VNA) - Russian newspaper “Argument and Facts” ran an article on April 30 explaining how Vietnam dealt with COVID-19 and suggested Russia apply its example in the fight against the pandemic.

The article emphasised that with a population of 96 million on an area of just 331,700 square kilometres, Vietnam has recorded only 270 infections and zero fatalities.

Immediately after the first cases were reported in the country in late January, the Government quickly established a national steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control and all schools were closed.

Advanced equipment, including ventilators, were provided to hospitals as quickly as possible, the best doctors were mobilised, and the number of hospital beds increased, it said.

Tourists from disease-hit areas were quarantined, while everyone had to wear a face mask when going out. Law enforcement agencies traced those who had possible contact with infected patients.

Vietnam also suspended international flights and restricted internal travel by temporarily suspending inter-provincial buses, the article noted.

It added that the quarantine period increased from 14 days to 20 days and even 40 days in some cases. The country applied social distancing measures after recording 60 infections on March 16.

Police also arrested 150 people for spreading fake news relating to COVID-19 on the internet.

The rapid response and drastic measures helped slow down the spread of the coronavirus in Vietnam, the newspaper wrote.

It can be said, it went on, that Vietnam “strangled” COVID-19 right from its inception. The country has recorded no new cases for many days and loosened social distancing measures on April 23./.