The Russian Federation Communist Party-run newspaper, “Pravda” (the Truth) on Sept. 2 ran an article praising General Vo Nguyen Giap, a talented and righteous general of the Vietnamese army and people.

General Giap was assigned as Minister of Home Affairs in the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at the age of 35 and Minister of Defence one year later, the paper said.

It highlighted General Giap’s revolutionary life, especially his devotion to the two Vietnamese resistance wars against the French colonialists and the US aggressors.

It also spoke highly of his contribution to the victory at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, adding that his book “Dien Bien Phu Victory” has been translated into many languages, including Russian.

Late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong considered General Giap as the architect who contributed to the victory of the Vietnamese people, according to the paper.

It also praised General Giap’s service in the country’s reconstruction in his capacity of a Politburo member and Deputy Prime Minister.

General Giap had made positive contributions to the success of Pham Tuan’s aerospace flight as well as the Vietnam-Soviet science-technology cooperation, the paper said.
Retiring at the age of 80, General Giap still contributed to the development of the armed forces and the country of Vietnam and boosted solidarity between Vietnam and other nations in the world, including Russia./.