Permanent member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat Le Hong Anh asked for the full enforcement of the 1992 Constitution as he signed Decree No. 32-CT/TW on January 3, detailing what should be done to put the document in place.

Adopted by the National Assembly (13th tenure) at its sixth session, the Constitution came into force on January 1, 2014, reflecting the will and desire of the vast majority of people.

It is also crucial to a new period of the national renewal process, construction and defence, all-sided development and international integration.

Accordingly, Party Committees of the NA, Government and judicial bodies, ministries, agencies, Vietnam Fatherland Front chapters and municipal and provincial authorities nationwide must seriously fulfil tasks set under Resolution No. 64/2013/QH13 on Constitution enforcement.

They must direct relevant units to devise concrete action plans that specify law dissemination as part of their Party activities and all possible conditions for the process.

The Party Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education will work closely with Party Committees of the Ministries of Justice and Information and Communications to train officials in popularising the Constitution.

News and press agencies at the grassroots and central levels must make it easier to raise public awareness of the Constitution both at home and abroad, and people’s sense of responsibility for defending the Constitution and law.

The Party Central Committee’s Military Commission and Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security will monitor the enforcement of the Constitution in the army and public security sector, direct how to ensure national defence, social security and order, and work with relevant agencies to prevent acts that take advantage of democracy to distort and sabotage the Party and State during the process.

The National Assembly’s Party Committee, Government Caucus Commission must also join in the efforts, and pay attention to the promulgation of new and revised legal documents in line with the Constitution’s regulations.

He demanded the prompt clearance of obstacles and to fix erroneous behaviours arising along the way.-VNA