The Singaporean Government launched a job placement website on July 14, in a bid to provide more job opportunities for its citizens and permanent residents as well as support them in seeking a change of employment.

The website, developed by Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency, will be put into operation on August 1.

Companies in need of professional workers have to advertise on the jobs bank site for at least 14 days before seeking foreign candidates. This allows Singaporeans to take first crack at the job openings.

Citizens and permanent residents looking for jobs must create an account on the website to apply for vacancies.

The jobs bank offers 16,000 vacancies in many fields, notably accounting, banking, engineering, science and sales, of which about half are for professionals, managers and executives.

The opening of the website aims to calm mounting complaints that foreigners are taking away professional jobs from locals.

Singaporeans make up just over 60 percent of the island’s 5.4 million population, and a low fertility rate forces the island state to rely heavily on guest workers.-VNA