SK Planet jointly develop Road Hazard Detection Solution hinh anh 1

SK Planet (President Lee Han-sang, located in Pangyo, the innovation hub in Asia, will be working with Hankook Tire & Technology to conduct a joint development project of Road Hazard Detection Solution using deep learning technology.

Road Hazard Detection Solution is a road safety solution that enables AI to quickly check and respond to hazards on the road by analyzing driving noise generated on the roadside and determining the road surface in real-time.

In order for the solution to operate correctly, AI must be taught by acquiring various data such as driving noise generated by road conditions (normal, wet, snow, slush, freezing, black ice). For this, Hankook Tire provides SK Planet with environment-specific driving noise data acquired by using its own tire performance test sites in Geumsan, Chungnam and Ivalo, Finland.

SK Planet analyzes the data provided to determine the road surface condition, and then passes the information to the management to prepare for possible accidents in advance. In the past, road management could only be done directly by attaching separate sensors to road patrol vehicles. By this method, it was hard to perform 24-hour monitoring and provide quick responses. But, this limitation can be overcome by using this solution.

For years, SK Planet has been analyzing various types of data and building cloud-based deep learning and real-time large-scale data analysis models. In particular, it has also applied for a patent related to the technology that detects the road condition in real-time with sound processing technology and deep learning technology.

The two companies joined hands for developing this solution to contribute to a more convenient and safer life by combining their core competencies and technologies. In the future, it will be used for road traffic safety in winter through the actual application process such as pilot application to domestic road control. In the future, the two companies plan to actively cooperate in building the best solution for safety.

“Based on SK Planet’s IoT and AI technology and experience in implementation, we have introduced solutions that can help road safety,” said Jeong Gan-che, the Head of SK Planet’s ICT Synergy Business Division. He emphasized, “We will do our best to prevent road accidents during winter for local governments to help people live a convenient and safe life.”

As of 2019, Pangyo, the tech hub in Asia, has 1,259 resident companies with more than 93% in high-tech industries made up of IT, CT, BT, and NT, with last year's total revenue amounting to 107.2 trillion won./.