Son La province to export 9 million USD of longan hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Photo:

Son La (VNA) - The northwestern mountainous province of Son La is expected to export 9 million USD of longan products this year.

Longan output of the province is expected to reach more than 70,000 tonnes in 2020.

Of which, about 57,000 tonnes is for domestic consumption and 7,900 tonnes for export. The main export markets are China, Australia, the Republic of Korea, and Japan.

Son La has over 17,000ha of longan for harvest this year, mainly in the districts of Song Ma, Mai Son, Yen Chau, and Muong La.

There are 92 licensed codes of longan growing area with an area of nearly 2,500ha of the province.

Of which, there are 34 planted area codes certificated for export to the US and Australia, with an area of over 200ha.

Fifty-eight codes are for exporting to China, covering an area of over 2,200ha.

In order to do well in consumption and exports of longan products this year, thereby helping the growers raise their incomes, the province plans to organise an online conference to promote consumption and export of the product next month with China.

In the long run, the province will continue to maintain and expand the area of longan, which applies safe production processes for export, study and apply science and technology to spread crops, extend harvest time, and improve product quality and value.

At the same time, it will also create favourable conditions to attract investors to build processing factories of agricultural products in general, and longan products in particular for preliminary process, preservation, consumption and export./.