Songwriter's love letters to be published

The letters Trinh Cong Son wrote to his first lover as a young man in the 1960s are set to be published in book form by his family. 
The letters Trinh Cong Son wrote to his first lover as a young man in the 1960s are set to be published in book form by his family.

Son, who was said one of Vietnam's greatest modern musicians, wrote more than 300 letters to Ngo Vu Dao Anh, with whom he was fervently in love as a 25-year old after he graduated from the Quy Nhon Pedagogy College and chose to live and work as a teacher in B'lao, a mountain town in Lam Dong.

Anh, a Hue native, is said to be the source of inspiration for most of Son's love songs.

He wrote to her between 1964 and 1967. Despite the passage of more than 40 years, the war, her marriage and migration to the US , Anh preserved the letters, envelopes, and dry leaves like a treasure.

Both his first and last letters thank Anh, for her love for his town and for her love for him. Each letter is almost a piece of literature, filled with poetry and his feelings about love and human destiny.

Even after their love ended in 1967, Son and Anh continued to exchange letters, confiding about the sadness and happiness of their lives.

The last letter she received was in January 2001, three months before he passed away.

His family said the letters will be published next month to mark his 10th death anniversary.

Poet Nguyen Duy, who will edit the book, said though Son was excellent at writing love letters, they were not just about two people's love but also a commentary on contemporary society.

Curiously, Anh is the younger sister of Ngo Vu Bich Diem, who inspired Son to write Diem Xua (Diem of the Past). His unrequited love for her began when she was just 15.

The musician's family also plans to organise a series of music shows titled 10 Nam Nho Trinh Cong Son (10 Year Commemorating Trinh Cong Son) from March to April in various parts of the country.

It will begin with concerts at the Hanoi Opera House, HCM City Opera House, and White Palace in HCM City .

There will be free performances at universities in Hanoi, Hue, and HCM City and at the Binh Quoi Tourist Village .

The event will give Son's family the first opportunity to display 30 of the multi-faceted genius' paintings.

At White Palace on April 10, Trinh Vinh Trinh, Son's sister, will release two albums of her brother's music./.

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