NS Medik Sdn Bhd Company will hire 43 Vietnamese workers stranded in Malaysia due to tax and visa extension problems caused by their previous employer, Asmana.

At a working session with the Labour and Expert Management Board of the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia on March 20, Pe Ravin, Medik Director in charge of business development, said his company is completing all necessary procedures to receive these workers who wished to continue working in Malaysia.

He assured that the Vietnamese workers will continue doing their jobs at hospitals which hired them with salaries and extra-time pay contracted with Asmana maintained.

The Labour and Expert Management Board hailed Medik’s goodwill and asked Medik and Asmana to jointly work with relevant Malaysian agencies to handle visa-related issues to enable these workers to resume their work as soon as possible.

Talking with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Malaysia, Ravin said Medik agreed to re-hire these Vietnamese workers because of their hardworking and experiences.

The 43 stranded workers are among a group of 69 who went to Malaysia in June 2010 to work in Penang State under a contract between Asmana and its Vietnamese counterpart Viet Ha-Ha Tinh Joint Stock Company.

Since August, 2011, Asmana failed to pay tax and get visa extension for the workers said above. As a consequence, these Vietnamese workers became jobless. On March 18, 42 of them were temporarily detained by the Penang State Immigration Agency reasoning their work permit expiry.-VNA