Strategic personnel’s development highlighted at CPVCC meeting hinh anh 1NPrime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (standing) presides over the meeting (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Members of the 12th Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) discussed a project on building a contingent of cadres at all levels, especially strategic level, with sufficient virtue, capacity and prestige on par with their assigned tasks during the second working day of their 7th plenary session in Hanoi on May 8.

They emphasised the urgent need of renovating the personnel work as well as the development of officials of all levels, especially at strategic level to match their assigned tasks. They held that the project is practical with feasible targets and solutions.

They assessed the outcomes of the work so far, along with analysing shortcomings as well as reasons behind the weakness.

They agreed on viewpoints, directing ideas, targets and major solutions to overcome current problems, thus showing stronger performance in personnel work and developing a contingent of officials with sufficient virtue, capacity and prestige on par with their assigned tasks.

They also gave comments on virtue and capacity of officials, the completion of the power control mechanism, the prevention of bribery for job titles, the policy of appointing non-local personnel as secretaries of provincial and district-level Party committees, as well as the training of and using of young officials, among others.

They reached high consensus on the necessity to issue a new resolution on personnel work, while some suggested paying more attention to designing detail plans to translate the resolution into life.

Particularly, the majority of opinions agreed on the target of appointing a non-local official as the secretary of the provincial and district Party committees, stressing the need to have roadmaps for the implementation as well as clarify support policies for them.  

According to Chairman of the Government Committee for Ethnic Affairs Do Van Chien, a resident of a locality is likely indulgent towards his relationships and relatives, thus making it difficult to keep the rule.

Meanwhile, Minister of Transportation Nguyen Van The held that this is a good way to control power better.

At the same time, the CPVCC members also agreed on the goal of increasing the ratio of young, female and ethnic minority officials among key leaders of all levels.

Besides, they concurred to issue a new resolution on personnel work, while focusing on raising the effectiveness of the evaluation of officials.

Nguyen Manh Hung, General Director of the military-run Viettel Group, suggested that along with the power control mechanism, it is necessary to design mechanisms to support and encourage officials, especially in housing and training, with a transparent promotion roadmap.

In the afternoon, the committee worked in groups, discussing the scheme on salary reform for officials, civil servants, public employees, armed forces, and workers in businesses.-VNA