The labour federation of central Quang Nam province on March 28 presented over 1.5 billion VND to 12 fishermen in special difficulty.

The beneficiaries, residing in the three districts of Duy Xuyen, Thang Binh and Nui Thanh, have been seriously affected by natural disasters or accidents at sea.

The aid, sourced from the Golden Heart Fund and the Fishing Net of Love Programme launched by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, aims to help the fishermen repair their boats and purchase new fishing nets.

Earlier this year, a Fishermen Support Fund was formed in Quang Nam with an initial budget of 20 billion VND coming from the province’s budget.

The fund will assist fishermen in building high-capacity vessels under preferential credit terms.

The fund firstly targets fishermen in the three communes of Tam Hai, Tam Quang and Tam Giang communes in Nui Thanh district, which have the largest number of off-shore fishing boats in the province.-VNA