The Tale of Kieu, known locally as Truyen Kieu, a Vietnamese masterpiece from the 18th century, has been adapted into a stage play performed by puppeteers for the first time.


The story, the most famous work by Vietnamese poet Nguyen Du, was adapted by writer Nguyen Hieu and directed by artist Nguyen Tien Dung. 

Although it doesn’t cover Kieu’s entire life as the tale consists of 3,254 verses, the play still retains the tale’s value in portraying a cruel, chaotic and unjust society under dynastic rule some 200 years ago.

It was a society where money was in command and the common people, especially women, were brutally suppressed. It is also a beautiful song of love, filial piety, altruism, fidelity and heroism. 

The play is set to be introduced at the fourth International Experimental Theatre Festival 2019 in Hanoi.-VNA