Tam Thanh pagoda is a must-see destination for tourists visiting the northeastern mountainous province of Lang Son. Amid the hustling city of Lang Son, the mysterious in-cave pagoda welcomes flocks of tourists and pilgrims thanks to its rich spiritual, cultural and historical values.

Tam Thanh pagoda was built for Taoism worshipping during the Le Dynasty, which reigned from 1442 – 1789.

However, as Taoism’s position in society faded, the venue was turned into a worshipping venue for Buddhism and Mother Goddesses. Tam Thanh pagoda is a must-see attraction in any tour to Lang Son province.

Tam Thanh pagoda, with its rich historical and cultural values, is one of the most beautiful sites of Lang Son along with the Rampart of the Mac dynasty and To Thi mountain. -VNA