Technology innovation constitutes a decisive factor for the development of green economy that promotes low carbon use, efficient use of resources and social inclusion.

Many countries around the world, including Vietnam, are moving towards green economy for improved human well-being and reduction of environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

The new development path will be the mainstay for sustainable poverty alleviation, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Thai Lai said at a forum held in Hanoi on June 4.

He highlighted the national green growth strategy that aims for wider application of advanced technology to enhance energy and resource efficiency and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally-friendly technology is crucial to ensuring economic growth and sustainable development and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, he said, adding that businesses should enhance their capacity and competitiveness in the field.

The national socio-economic development strategy from 2011-2020 also underlines the importance of integrating socio-economic development with environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

Director of the Vietnam Institute of Economics Tran Dinh Thien cited out-of-date technology, poor competitiveness, low labour productivity and financial shortages as difficulties facing Vietnamese businesses.

Though a legal framework promoting technology innovation has been steadily crafted, the current policies have yet to be brought to life, said Deputy Director of the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen The Chinh.

He suggested enhancing business awareness of technology innovation and building human resources training programmes to promote the application of environmentally-friendly technologies.

He also recommended supporting businesses with technological transfers and improving policies on technology innovation.

Vu Dinh Anh from the institute said investment for the field could be sought from different sources such as the State budget, business bonds and bank credits.-VNA