Ten laws to become effective since January 1, 2019 hinh anh 1National Assembly deputies press the button to approve the Law on Cyber Security (Source: VNA) 

Hanoi (VNA) – The Law on Cyber Security, the Law on Denunciation, the Law on Planning, and the Law on Defence are among the 10 laws which will take effect since January 1, 2019.

The remaining are the Forestry Law, the Fisheries Law, the Law on Measurement and Map, the Law on Physical Training and Sports, the Law on Amendments and Supplements to 11 laws having regulations related to planning, and the Law on Amendments and Supplements to several Articles of 37 laws related to planning.

With seven chapters and 43 articles, the Law on Cyber Security regulates activities to protect national security and ensure social order and safety on cyberspace, and responsibilities of agencies, organisations and individuals concerned.

The Law on Denunciation comprises of nine chapters and 67 articles. It supplements regulations on anonymous denunciation, cuts down the denunciation settlement process from five steps to four steps.

The law prescribes that denunciation can be made in the form of written petitions or at face-to-face meetings at authorised agencies and organisations. One new feature is that denouncers can withdraw all contents or part of their lodged denunciations before authorized offices issue conclusions on the denunciations.

The Law on Amendments and Supplements to 11 Laws having regulations related to planning comprises of 12 articles, including 11 articles regulating the revision of 11 laws. They are the Law on Food Safety, the Notarisation Law, the Pharmacy Law, the Investment Law, the Law on Public Investment, the Electricity Law, the Law on Chemicals, the Law on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy, the Law on Children, the Law on Prevention and Combat of Harmful Effects of Alcohol, and the Law on Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, the Law on Defence has seven chapters and 40 articles, down two chapters and 11 articles from the 2005 law. This is an important law governing the law system related to defence, and affecting the political, socio-economic, cultural, defence, and security systems.

The law includes many new regulations, creating an important legal framework to intensify the defence strength to safeguard the nation on the context that the regional and global situations are continuously coping with unpredictable happenings.-VNA