Thailand’s Ministry of Labour (MOL) is urging the survey of non-formal workers to provide protection and access to governmental services for occupation and income security, says an official.

All labour offices have been ordered by the MOL to find the actual number of non-formal workers to grant them access to governmental protection and services. The change in regulation will also allow a more inclusive access to funds for those who work at home.

According to the MOL Permanent Secretary Nakorn Silpa-archa, the ministry is finding a solution to provide care and services to about 25.1 million non-formal workers, 15 million of which are working in the agriculture sector.

He mentioned that Minister of Labour Gen Surasak Karnjanarat will give priority to this matter, in accordance to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha's policy to help ease those workers’ hardships.

The MOL Permanent Secretary has said that all Provincial Labour Offices has been appointed to conduct field observations to find the accurate amount of non-formal workers and precise details of their work, as well as promoting the participation of labour volunteers in this survey.

After the confirmation of the actual amount of non-formal workers, the Provincial Labour Offices will coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Commerce in assisting non-formal workers who are working in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Regarding the limited access to capital, the MOL Permanent Secretary stated that the ministry has already established funds for people who work at home. This loan will allow them to make the necessary purchases for their occupations.

The regulations for accessing the funds will be amended in order to make it more inclusive and accessible, said the MOL Permanent Secretary.-VNA/NNT