Thailand ’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will stand for the upcoming general election after she dissolved the House of Representatives, Jarupong Ruangsuwan, Head of the Puea Thai Party said on December 9.

Jarupong, who is also Thai Minister of Interior, said that the Puea Thai Party is ready to attend the election and will hold a meeting to discuss its candidacy plan.

He also called on the Democratic Party (DP) to participate in the election and immediately end the demonstrations in the streets.

According to Thailand ’s Constitution, the general election will be held within 60 days (or before February 2, 2014). From now to that time, the Thai Government will continue its work.

The same day, around 100,000 protesters marched through Bangkok to oppose the government.

Although PM Yingluck earlier announced the dissolution of the House of Representatives and said that elections will be held as soon as possible to put an end to the current political crisis in the country.

The Thai Government also cancelled its plan to invite foreign diplomats to the site where the anti-government protestors plan a massive rally, to observe how the government will handle the incident.

On December 6, protester leader Suthep Thausuban called on Thai people to participate in a mass rally on December 9 , which was known as the “final showdown".-VNA