Director of the Thai Royal Rain-Making Northeastern Operation Centre Paniti Samerwong has announced that Royal Rain Making Operation Centres all over the country will operate to make rain artificially in 2014 to combat drought, wildfire, and smog problems.

The program will include storing water in reservoirs throughout the country. There will be 15 centres in total and they will operate in every region, including two in the north, three in the central region, four in the northeast, three in the east, and three in the south.

In addition, a rapid deployment flight team will still be maintained to aid drought areas when requested.

The director also said that the 2014 operation will continue from March until the end of the rainy season and be divided into two periods. The first period is in the dry season to resist drought and decrease smog, wildfire and hail. The second one is in the rainy season to increase the level of water in dams.

Rain making flights will also gather planning data to cooperate with other sectors in water management, he added.-VNA