Bangkok (VNA) - The Thai Ministry of Labour has agreed with Vietnam’s proposal on establishing a joint working group to implement the recently-inked labour documents between the two countries.

At a reception for Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand Nguyen Tat Thanh on December 21, Thai Labour Minister Sirichai Distakul stressed the benefit from labour cooperation to both countries, saying that the two sides should act towards a sustainable collaboration.

He promised to give feedback soon on the Ambassador’s proposals, including registration, work permits and favourable conditions for Vietnamese migrant workers in Thailand as well as a prolonged period for the registration process across the country. The current deadline date is December 30, 2015.

Thai Labour Ministry officials affirmed no punishment for free Vietnamese labourers who apply to register for a work permit although they overstayed their visa in Thailand.

Once obtaining the permit, they will be granted full interests and rights, including medical insurance and time off, as a Thai worker.

Minister Distakul confirmed his visit to Vietnam on the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Vietnam-Thailand diplomatic ties at the invitation of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Pham Thi Hai Chuyen in early 2016.-VNA