Thailand approves bills on national reform and strategy hinh anh 1Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Bangkok (VNA) – Thailand’s Government on March 15 endorsed two bills on national reform and strategy.

The bills will be enacted to a bid to integrate the national reform and the national strategy together once the 2016 Constitution is in place in near future, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told the media after the Cabinet meeting the same day.

The national reform bill outlines mechanisms and frameworks to steer reforms, such as a steering committee, regulations, timeframes, tracking processes, evaluations and engagement with the people and relevant agencies. 

According to the Prime Minister Office, the designated committee will consist of 15 Cabinet – appointed members from the private sector and civil society, working on a five – year term.

They should also not be government employees unless they are academics hired by a state higher education institution. 

A similar mechanism is set in the bill on national strategy. Its committee will be chaired by the Prime Minister who is supported by the presidents of the Upper and Lower Houses as vice chairpersons.

Other members will include the secretary-general to the National Security Council, the secretary-general of the National Economics and Social Development Board (NESDB), and experts from various professions. They will also work for five years and oversee sub-committees responsible for separate strategy issues.

The two bills will be sent to NESBD to prepare for a referendum before being submitted to the National Legislative Assembly for deliberation and ratification. - VNA