Thailand should speed up its plan to develop workers' skills in order to maintain the status of the largest auto producer in Asia, according to Thavorn Chalassathien, Senior Vice President of DENSO (Thailand).

He said that Thai political uncertainties have weakened the country's automobile demand, thus affecting local entrepreneurs.

According to Thavorn, who is also the president of the sub-committee for skills developing project of the Thai auto and auto parts industry, Thailand currently has 660,000 workers. In 2013, the industry produced 2.4 million vehicles to serve both local and foreign demands.

As local demand in 2014 has been affected by political turmoil, the Thai auto industry will produce between 2.2-2.3 million cars this year, he said.

As the Thai auto industry is gunning for 3.5 million units in 2020, the industry should focus on training programmes for workers to sustain its position. With larger numbers of workers, Indonesia and Vietnam, Thailand ’s two key rivals, are hot on the heels of the Thai auto industry, said Tavorn.-VNA