An exhibition to reflect the special relationship between the old capital city of Thang Long and the Thien Truong area in northern Nam Dinh province under the Tran Dynasty from the 18 th -19 th Century, opened in the Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi on April 27.

Jointly organised by the Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Conservation Centre and the Nam Dinh’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the exhibition is showcasing nearly 150 artifacts , photographs, documents and drawings at the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology and Nam Dinh’s provincial Museum.

Mainly featuring archaeological excavations, poetry and prose, the exhibition provides visitors with the chance to enjoy works of art from the Tran Dynasty and understand the relationship between Thang Long and the Thien Truong area.

According to Nguyen Van Son, Director of the Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Conservation Centre, in the 19 th – 20 th centuries, Thien Truong was not only home to the Tran Dynasty but also the second capital and most important military base during the period.

It was also an important political centre, playing a key role in the country.

As part of the 37 th anniversary celebrations for the liberation of South Vietnam, May Day and the birthday of late President Ho Chi Minh, the exhibition will run until June 30.-VNA