To be faced with complicated developments of the conflict in Ukraine that affects Vietnamese living, studying, working here, and based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on March 3, the Government approved the policy to arrange flights to bring home Vietnamese people.

Accordingly, in the spirit of humanity and placing the highest priority on the protection of citizens, ensuring the maximum life and property safety, as well as legal and legitimate interests of Vietnamese citizens and legal entities, headquarters and members of the Vietnamese representative agency in Ukraine, the Government allows arranging flights to bring home Vietnamese citizens, people of Vietnamese origin, and their family members according to their wishes.

In the immediate future, about 900 Vietnamese people in Poland, Romania, and Moldova are expected to return home.

Repatriated citizens will take COVID-19 tests upon their arrival in Vietnam and take necessary medical measures in line with the Ministry of Health’s instructions.

The Government assigned the Ministry of Transportation to assume the prime responsibility for organizing the flights and the Ministry of Finance to guarantee the funding for the flights.

As part of efforts to implement the Prime Minister’s direction, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating with the Ministry of Transportation to organize two flights to bring home Vietnamese people and their families from Ukraine. It is expected that one flight from Romania will depart on March 7 2022 and the other from Poland on March 8, 2022.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for coordinating with relevant agencies and sectors in evacuating Vietnamese citizens and their family members from dangerous areas in Ukraine to neighboring countries and bring those who are in need to return home depending on the situation and capacity to respond.