The Mirror House in Thong Nhat Park is a place closely related to the childhood memories of most 7x and 8x generations in Hanoi. The Mirror House was built by the Czechoslovakian Government in 1979.

The labyrinth of mirrors leads to a round room with eight deformed mirrors that make people laugh when they see their own reflections become tall with long or short legs, or stubby with a terrible waistline.

However, the place became so dilapidated that it left almost no impression at all on the 9x generation. The Mirror House was seriously degraded.

Painter Nguyen Thu Thuy who is also responsible for the Ceramic Road along the Red River dyke in Hanoi, redecorated the Mirror House, using millions of colorful tiny ceramic mosaic tiles under the theme of ocean to inspire love for the sea and island for children.

Ha Long Bay and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago are two ideas she has for the exterior of the Mirror House inspired from all the love and memories attached to Ha Long Bay - the natural heritage of the world – and her five working trips to Truong Sa archipelago./.