Hanoi (VNA) – Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong attended a national teleconference in Hanoi on December 30, applauding the country’s achievements in 2019 and asking for more activeness and creativity to obtain better results next year.

This was the annual event between the Government and localities that aims to set up orientations for implementing the National Assembly’s resolution on socio-economic development tasks for 2020.

After listening to reports by the Government and several ministries, sectors and localities, the top leader highlighted that despite numerous difficulties and challenges in 2019, thanks to efforts by the whole Party, people and army, Vietnam has made many important and encouraging accomplishments in almost all fields that are better than in 2018.

On behalf of other Party and State leaders, he thanked the National Assembly, the Government, all-level Party committees and authorities, organisations, businesses, people and soldiers nationwide for those enormous successes.

However, Trong also noted as a number of difficulties and challenges are still lying ahead, they must not be complacent about what have been attained.

To address existing shortcomings, he requested special attention to four lessons, which are upholding and bringing into play the major and historic achievements over the past more than 30 years of reforms and the comprehensive results obtained since the tenure’s beginning; enhancing the solidarity and unanimity in the whole Party, people and army, and creating positive changes in bringing into full play the Party’s leadership, the State’s management and the people’s right to mastery; making good use of the support and opinions of cadres, Party members, veteran revolutionaries, people and media agencies to create combined strength and unanimity in the entire political system and the whole society; and encouraging and creating favourable conditions for the private economic sector to develop into an important driving force of the economy and, together with the State and collective economic sectors, become the core force for improving the economy’s self-reliance and integration into the world.

The Party and State leader noted 2020 holds a particularly important and decisive role in the realisation of the 12th National Party Congress’s resolution. It is also the year for all-level Party congresses towards the 13th National Party Congress, for Vietnam’s chairmanship of ASEAN and non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council in 2020-2021, as well as for many other major political events.

He called for more activeness and creativity in 2020 to achieve better results than in 2019.

Pointing out the key tasks for the next year, he said in terms of economic development, it is necessary to consolidate the macro-economic foundation; control inflation; improve the economy’s internal strength and self-reliance; further improve the investment – business climate; promote fast, sustainable and substantive growth; and step up the realisation of strategic breakthroughs, economic restructuring and growth model reforms while improving the economy’s productivity, quality, effectiveness and competitiveness.

In terms of society and culture, the leader requested more concrete, practical and suitable policies and measures for developing culture and society, ensuring the harmonious human and economic development, improving people’s material and spiritual lives, building new-style rural areas and creating jobs, and sustainably reducing poverty.

Regarding defence, security and external relations, the country needs to intensify defence – security strength, firmly safeguard political stability and social order and safety, better the effectiveness of the external work and integration into the world, and fulfill the roles of the ASEAN Chair and a non-permanent member of the UN Security, thereby helping to further promote the country’s prestige and stature in the international arena.

Meanwhile, in terms of the Party and political system building, he asked sectors and localities to boost the reform of agencies’ leadership and working style. The Government, governmental agencies and authorities at all levels need to pay more attention to reforming administrative procedures and improving the capacity and efficiency of their apparatus.

Mentioning the organisation of all-level Party congresses towards the 13th national event, Trong said in 2020, all-level Party committees, administrations and the whole political system need to promptly and seriously implement the Party Central Committee’s resolution and the Politburo’s directive to successfully organise the congresses. Through the events, they must improve Party organisations and members’ leading capacity and combat strength, further solidify the great national unity bloc, and enhance the people’s trust in the Party.

The Party and State leader expressed his hope that the Government and local authorities will join the whole Party, people and army in staying united, exerting stronger efforts and being more active and creative to successfully achieve the targets set for 2020 and the whole 12th tenure./.