Large coaches have been permitted in many tourism hubs like Hanoi and Da Nang cities. The movement has improved tourism service quality in the localities, yet it also strains the transport infrastructure.

These coaches are awaiting tourists on the side of the street without any stations. They jostle through crowded streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, inconveniencing other people on the streets.

In order to reduce traffic congestions, Da Nang plans to ban 30-seater-and-above coaches in the city at rush hours. 16-seater automobiles are now black listed at rush hours on certain routes.

The temporary solution of building bus stations at the edge of tourism areas has also been considered. However, it revealed drawbacks when piloted in Quang Nam province as it only moved traffic jam hotspots from one place to another.

According to experts, banning coaches at rush hours is just a temporary solution as it may cause inconvenience for tourists, and hinder the development of the tourism sector. The transportation sector needs to study all factors resulting in traffic jams and work out proper measures.-VNA