A master plan for a trade-service-housing area in the northern bank of the Red River was unveiled by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture on December 26.

The area covers 9.37 hectares, of which 7.47 hectares will be used for the construction of trade-service centre and housing.

Located in Dong Anh town, Hanoi’s suburban district of the same name, the area is expected to accommodate 1,700 people.

The same day, the Department announced a resettlement area planning in Kim Chung and Vong La communes in Dong Anh district.

Covering 20,15ha, the area has an estimated population of over 5,200 people.

According to the Department, the areas are part of the Hanoi master plan for 2030 with a vision to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister in a bid to build a modern urban area with social infrastructure, green trees and public works.

The planning is expected to create a driving force for the development of urban areas in the northern bank of Red River as well as serving a basis for local authorities, relevant agencies and local people to manage and supervise the use of land as approved in the plans.-VNA