Umlaut certification reflects strong development of Vietnam’s telecoms hinh anh 1Viettel has become the first mobile operator in Vietnam to receive the “Best in Test” certificate of Umlaut. (Photo courtesy of Viettel)

Hanoi (VNA) – Umlaut, the global consultancy company and world leader in mobile network testing and benchmarking, and connect, the international telecommunication test magazine for consumers, has named Viettel as the “Best in Test” operator in Vietnam.

This is the first time a Vietnamese mobile operator has won the certificate.

“For adding something on top in Vietnam and reaching an overall score of 886 dots in mobile network benchmarking survey, we proudly award this certificate to Viettel Vietnam.” Umlaut said.

Viettel has scores nearly the same as other foreign operators such as Singtel (Singapore), Telstra (Australia), T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica (Germany) and Telenor (Bulgaria).

Hakan Ekmen, CEO of Telecommunication Umlaut, said the certification mirrors the strong development of Vietnam’s telecommunication and information-technology sector.

Umlaut aims to help global mobile operators prove their capacity for providing services for consumers and businesses, and introduce measures to improve their service quality.

In Vietnam, Umlaut collected and analysed more than 370 million samples measured within six months, covering 99 percent of geographical areas with living population. Its analyses showed that Viettel’s network is the best in Vietnam with 886 out of a 1,000 score, he told Vietnam Plus.

Umlaut’s Fixed Broadband Benchmarking introduces active testing components to the existing set of evaluation criteria like download speed, upload speed and latency for broadband technologies across copper, cable and full fibre. Its unique scoring methodology includes a worldwide ranking on country level.

Ekmen commented that Viettel is operating very well and its quality is the same as mobile network operators in industrialised countries, stressing that with the current pace, Vietnam would be in comparison with countries in Europe such as Italy and Germany in telecoms.

There is a big gap between the first and the second places (180 points). Therefore, the recognition has affirmed Viettel’s position in the domestic market as well as its international influence.

The gap, however, will motivated other mobile operators to make efforts to catch up with Viettel. Users will benefit most as they can access best services and products.

Ekmen described the certification as the basic step affirming that Vietnam’s telecommunication – IT sector has been improved, and suggested Viettel continue with what it is doing to bring about products with the best quality.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication, Viettel is the network operator with the largest 4G network in Vietnam with nearly 42,000 BTS and 33 million subscribers. It plans to set up 4,600 more 4G BTS to satisfy clients’ demands and improve service quality.

While developing 5G and IoT, Viettel is considering 4G as key technology for the next three years. Viettel has completed the installation of 132 5G BTS in 13 cities and provinces.

As a subsidiary of the Military Industry and Telecoms Group, Viettel Telecom took the lead among four mobile service providers in Vietnam in terms of mobile service in September 2020, according to the Department of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Earlier, the department conducted a survey on the quality of mobile services in the northern provinces of Lang Son and Bac Giang in the last two weeks of September.

Viettel topped the list as it met all six criteria, especially techniques, readiness of wireless services, and call quality.

The results reflecting the technical quality of the mobile service providers in the surveyed localities were valid at the time of the survey.

Viettel is followed by other mobile service providers, namely VinaPhone, MobiFone and Vietnamobile.

Frost & Sullivan honoured Viettel Telecom as the best mobile data service provider in Vietnam 2019./.