The local tourism market is upbeat in the last few days of 2018 with various Christmas and New Year tours serving travellers during the vacation period. The many promotion programmes for both inbound and outbound tours have been attracting a large number of holidaymakers.

During the vacation, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China and ASEAN countries like Singapore and Malaysia have been travellers’ top choices as, apart from their many sightseeing spots, the countries are also considered paradises for shopaholics.

Long-haul inbound tours have also been eyed during the vacation. Tours to the northwest, northeast, and central region have been running out of stock due to the seasons changing.

Due to careful preparation and special promotion programmes by local tourism sectors, including Ho Chi Minh City, there are almost no changes in the prices of tours. 

Increasing living standards has resulted in rising demand for travel among Vietnamese people, creating a favourable opportunity for tourism firms. –VNA