Military officers from the US Air Force in coordination with non-governmental organisations in Vietnam are taking part in humanitarian activities in the central province of Quang Binh from June 10-17 within the framework of the 2013 Pacific Angel operation.

As scheduled, medical care and treatment programmes, and the upgrade of health centres and schools in Vinh Ninh, Hai Ninh, Gia Ninh, Xuan Ninh and Truong Xuan communes of Quang Ninh district are being carried out.

A 30-member technical team, including US military officers and Vietnamese engineers, has been installing fans, power lines and water pipes at medical centres.

Meanwhile, nine US doctors have joined hands with five Vietnamese colleagues to provide free medical check-up for more than 5,000 local people during a week-long programme.

The Pacific Angel operation, the sixth of its kind held by the US Air Force in the Pacific, and the fourth held in Vietnam, has helped improve the lives of thousands of people worldwide.-VNA