An aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, and two destroyers from the US fleet docked at Klang in Malaysia on an official visit to the country from October 7-11.

The visit is to promote cooperation and strengthen relations between Washington and Kuala Lumpur .

According to the carrier’s Captain, Greg Fenton, the visit will also provide sailors from both navies with the chance to learn about Malaysia ’s maritime environment, with an emphasis on health care and safety.

During their stay in Malaysia, the officers and crew of all three ships will take part in a range of charitable activities and meet with US families living in the country under a programme named ‘Kuala Lumpur Sailor Socials’.

On October 8, the George Washington received more than 500 Malaysian officials and military representatives.

Previously, the three ships with 5,500 officers and crew and 67 fighter planes aboard, have visited ports in the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.-VNA