Valuable birds migrate to Bac Lieu province hinh anh 1Co nhan in the Bac Lieu bird sanctuary (Photo: VNA)
Bac Lieu (VNA) - More and more rare birds have flocked to the Bac Lieu bird sanctuary, according to its management board.

At the beginning of this year, about 200 co nhan (Asian openbill stork) migrated to the sanctuary. The flock has now reached 1,000.

The sanctuary is now home to 700 more qum den (black-headed ibis) and three brown pelicans which have migrated to the sanctuary.

Le Chi Linh, deputy director of the preservation zone of the sanctuary, said co nhan and quam den were two rare and valuable kinds of birds which were listed in Vietnam’s Red Book – a list of rare and endangered species of fauna and flora native to Vietnam. The brown pelican is listed in the world’s Red Book.

Co nhan and brown pelican are migratory birds, thus they live in the Bac Lieu Garden for just a few months a year, and then fly away, whereas quam den proved to be suitable to the local environment. They tended to adapt well to the garden.

The sanctuary’s management board said that rare and valuable birds coming to the sanctuary meant that the environment there has been improved. Their living atmosphere was better protected and taken care of.

The Bac Lieu bird sanctuary is in Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu city, about 3km from the city centre. The natural garden is 130ha in area and is home to more than 100 rare and valuable species./.