Laos’ Ministry of Defence held a meeting in Vientiane on October 29 to mark the 65 th anniversary of the traditional day of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and military experts on missions in Laos (October 30).

Addressing the event, Lieutenant General Souvon Luong Boummi, Deputy Defence Minister and Chief of the General Staff of the Lao People’s Army, recalled the honourable traditions of the Vietnamese volunteer force, which helped his country during its struggle for national liberation.

With the support of the Vietnamese volunteer army, the Lao People’s Liberation Army was established on January 20, 1949 and developed rapidly, thus enhancing the military alliance between the two countries’ armies.

Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts also helped their Lao friends build resistance bases and coordinated with the Lao army to carry out large-scale campaigns. In the Winter-Spring Campaign of 1953-1954, the Vietnam-Laos coalition troops liberated a large area in Laos, easing the pressure on the Dien Bien Phu battlefield, contributing to the final victory.

Souvon Luong Boummi expressed his deep gratitude for the great sacrifices and invaluable assistance provided by the Party, State and people of Vietnam, including the volunteer soldiers and military experts, during Laos’ struggles for national independence in the past.

Together with the Lao Party and people, the army is determined to do its utmost to deepen the traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, States and peoples, the officer said.

On the same day, a photograph exhibition was opened in Vientiane as part the celebrations organised to mark the special occasion.-VNA