Cambodia always takes Vietnam as its historical friend who stands side-by-side with the country during many ups and downs, spokesperson for the Cambodian Council of Ministers Phay Siphan has said.

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency on the occasion of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit to Vietnam , the official noted that during the past struggles against the French colonist and US imperialist, the two countries shed blood for each other’s independence and interest.

Younger generations of both countries have inherited and developed a treasure of special ties nurtured by older generations, he said, emphasising that Vietnamese people sacrificed their life to overthrow the Pol Pot genocidal regime in Cambodia and restore peace and stability for both countries.

Cambodia always takes Vietnam as a partner in safeguarding peace and security for both nations, said Phay Siphan, adding that bilateral cooperation has brought about significant benefits for the two sides, especially in economic growth.

The official emphasised that despite schemes to harm their friendship, Vietnam and Cambodia have always affirmed their special ties.

In any circumstances, the Cambodian People’s Party and Prime Minister Hun Sen always uphold their consistent stance of regarding Vietnam as a brother and a friend sharing the same combat trench, walking together through many difficulties to prosperity, he said.

Commenting on the future bilateral cooperation prospects, Phay Siphan said that since 1979, the two countries have boosted their cooperation in various fields on the basis of mutual respect.

Over the past years, Vietnamese leaders have encouraged businesses to invest to Cambodia , contributing to improving the sustainable economic development in the country, the spokesperson said.

The development of the bilateral ties has shown that both countries have enjoyed a deep mutual trust and hope, and shared efforts to build prosperous countries, he added.

“ Cambodia and Vietnam are brothers. We have built our ties not only for mutual interest but also for our historical missions. All the biter and beautiful memories that we have shared are a historical foundation for younger generations to develop the relationship.”

On December 26, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen arrived in Hanoi to start his three-day visit to Vietnam . This is his first tour abroad since he was re-elected as Cambodia ’s government leader.

During his stay, the PM will hold talks with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Tan Dung and witness the signing of a number of agreements between the two countries.

Vietnam is one of the largest trade partners of Cambodia and top five foreign investors in the country with a total investment of 3 billion USD in 126 ongoing projects.-VNA