The Vietnamese Embassy in Sri Lanka has attended an international fair at the headquarters of the Colombo Plan, as part of activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Colombo Plan.

The fair attracted the participation of other Colombo Plan member country embassies, including Australia , Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand as well as some Sri Lankan companies.

The Vietnamese Embassy displayed products featuring the national culture, such as porcelain, coffee and souvenirs.

On the occasion, it also distributed numerous documents, cultural and tourism publications with the aim of promoting images of the country, culture and people of Vietnam , the friendly traditional relations between Vietnam and Sri Lanka as well as effective cooperation between Vietnam and the Colombo Plan.
Established in Sri Lanka on July 1, 1951, the Colombo Plan was a regional organisation working to promote South-South cooperation. The primary focus of all Colombo Plan activities is on human resources development./.