Vietnam joined nine other Asian countries and territories at the Asian Cultural Heritage Festival in Stony Brook City, New York , on May 11.

The event, the fifth of its kind held in the US, created a chance for Asian countries to introduce international visitors to their special cultural identities as well as cultural and natural heritage sites recognised by UNESCO, with the aim to strengthen solidarity and mutual understanding among nations.

Vietnam brought to this year’s event a collection of Ao Dai (traditional long dresses), the tea making art, conical hat dances, and handicrafts, highlighting Vietnam's cultural identity and the beauty of Vietnam’s land and people.

Many visitors revealed that they will visit Vietnam in the near future to eyewitness the beauty of Vietnam , as well as discover the country’s traditional culture and its achievements during national construction and development.

At the festival, visitors also enjoyed special performances presented by artists from Asian countries, such as Japan’s paper cutting art kirigami, China’s handicraft making and Thailand’s cooking art.-VNA