The Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese Students Association in Canberra have participated in Australia’s 18th multicultural festival to promote the Vietnamese culture.

At the event from February 13-15 in Canberra, the Vietnamese culture and cuisine space drew the attention of visitors who were attracted by publications, traditional souvenirs as well as traditional dishes such as spring roll, summer roll and Vietnamese bread.

Visiting Vietnam’s booths at the festival, Giulia Jones MLA, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs welcomed the Vietnamese Embassy’s participation in the event and spoke highly of the country’s culture and cuisine, saying they have enriched the diversified culture in Canberra.

She expressed her hope that Vietnamese Embassy will maintain the attendance in such event, creating opportunities for the Australian people to understand more the culture and people of Vietnam.

On this occasion, the Embassy staff and Vietnamese students introduced typical features of the Vietnamese New Year.

This year, the festival attracted hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors.

The event, one of the biggest festivals in Australia, is held annually.-VNA